The Firrenes

melodic Edinburgh-based rock band playing original songs

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We are delighted to announce that our new single, featuring the songs 'Time and Place' and 'Destitution Row' is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby and many more. Excerpts are available on YouTube here. You can also order the CD or vinyl record from our Shop below. Our next confirmed gig is on Saturday 10 November 2018 at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You can watch The Firrenes performing Time and Place at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh in the video panel above. This song is now available as a single. More of our songs are available on YouTube. You can listen to live studio recordings of three more songs below:

'Ain't Gonna Drive Your Train' :

'Destitution Row' :

'One Way Street' :

All songs are copyright Ⓒ Julian Wagstaff, except 'One Way Street' - copyright Ⓒ Walt Cumming.

The Firrenes photos

Click the camera icon above for a selection of promotional photographs, shots taken during our recent live set (for video) at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh, along with photos from our live appearances. The studio/promo shots are by Stephen Salvona

shop - buy The Firrenes' first single 'Time and Place' with 'Destitution Row'

Our first single, featuring the original songs 'Time and Place' and 'Destitution Row' is now available on CD or 10-inch vinyl record. You can order your copy today by clicking the PayPal buttons below...

Click to order CD single (£3.50):

Click to order 10" vinyl single (£7):

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Listen to excerpts from the new single below:

Buy 'Time and Place' by Edinburgh band The Firrenes on iTunes

To get in touch with The Firrenes, please click on the envelope icon above to send an email to We'll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us via our Facebook page or subscribe to our mailing list or Twitter feed. You can even telephone us on +44 (0)131 208 5373.


Who are The Firrenes?

The Firrenes (pronounced firreens, rhyming with "beans") are a melodic, song-based rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland, performing original material. The band's principal songwriter is Jules Reed (aka Julian Wagstaff), with additional contributions from Walt Cumming. The band's musical style is eclectic and varied, with influences ranging from 70's rock, Americana, blues and R&B through to indie, alt rock, art pop and classical.

The band's current lineup is: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums and bass.

...and currently guesting with us: Fiona Dabjen on alto sax and Luci Holland on vocals.

Latest News (April 2018)

The Firrenes are currently recording their first album at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh. The album will be released in November 2018. The band have recently released their "double A-side" single featuring the original songs 'Time and Place' and 'Destitution Row', also recorded at Chamber Studio and produced by Graeme Young. The Firrenes also recorded a live studio set (for video) on 10 July 2017. A selection of the resulting videos and audio tracks are now available on this website and on our YouTube channel.

Future Plans

Following the success of our recent Edinburgh and Berlin shows (October 2017), The Firrenes are looking forward to completing our first album in May 2018, and to performing more widely within the UK. See the panel to the right for up-to-date gig information, which will be updated regularly.