The Firrenes

melodic Edinburgh-based rock band playing original songs

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We've just recorded our first single at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh (June 2017) with the brilliant Graeme Young producing. It's being mixed as we write this. But you can already hear a few of our songs on YouTube, performed live at our recent concerts at Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms and Cabaret Voltaire. Just click here or on the music icon above...


We're getting some band pics together right now, but while we do, here's a few action shots from some of our recent gigs in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Just click the camera icon above).


Are you a member of the media who needs a formal press kit? We're working on that, but in the meantime, please click the icon above to download the pics and info contained on this page in an easy-to-use zip file.


For more information about The Firrenes, please click on the envelope icon above to send us an email. We'll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us via our Facebook page or subscribe to our mailing list or Twitter feed.

Who are The Firrenes?

The Firrenes are a melodic, song-based rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland, performing original material. The band's principal songwriter is Jules Reed (aka Julian Wagstaff), with additional contributions from Walt Cumming. The band's musical style is eclectic and varied, with influences ranging from 70's rock, Americana, blues and R&B through to indie, alt rock, art pop and classical.

The band's current lineup is: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums and bass.

...and currently guesting with us: James McCutcheon on alto sax and Luci Holland on vocals.


Jules began forming a band in 2014, playing electric guitar and using the original songs from his EP Five Songs for Your Consideration as a starting point. He was soon joined by John on keyboards, and by Edinburgh singer-songwriter Clare Cairns on vocals and acoustic guitar. They were joined in July 2016 by Tony on drums, and in September by Walt on bass guitar. The band celebrated their official launch at a hugely successful gig at Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms on 3 November 2016.

In January 2017, Clare left the band to pursue other projects. We wish her well.

Future Plans

The Firrenes have just recorded their "double A-side" single featuring the original songs 'Time and Place' and 'Destitution Row' at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh (June 2017), produced by Graeme Young. The band are looking forward to releasing this single soon, and touring northern Europe in October. Check back here for details.

...And for the avoidance of any doubt: the band's name is pronounced "Firreens", rhyming with "beans"!