Frontiers and Bridges
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This page contains excerpts from each of the three works on the CD for you to listen to. Just click on the Play button underneath each title to start the playback, then once to stop. Note that in some browsers you may have to click twice to start...

1) In Contact... by Kim-Ho Ip (excerpt)

The Edinburgh Quartet with
Matthew Studdert-Kennedy (flute) and
Kim-Ho Ip (yang-chin - Chinese dulcimer)
Conducted by James Lowe

2) Piano Quintet by Julian Wagstaff (1st movement excerpt)

The Edinburgh Quartet with
Alina Kolonitskaya (piano)
Score published by Europa Edition Ltd.

3) Dukkha by Anothai Nitibhon (3rd movement)

The Edinburgh Quartet with
Paul Speirs (double bass)
Conducted by James Lowe

N.B. The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Julian Wagstaff, under exclusive license to Circular Records Ltd.