The Freedom Company was an Edinburgh-based community theatre company founded in September 2000 by Julian Wagstaff and David Pammenter.

Its first (and only) production was the stage musical John Paul Jones, written and composed by Julian Wagstaff and produced in association with Tempo Musical Productions in July 2001. The director was Christopher Neil, with musical direction by Simon Hanson. John Paul Jones was revived professionally in 2010 by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Consort of Voices and guest soloists.

The Freedom Company website is no longer maintained. Further information on Julian Wagstaff's music, including John Paul Jones, can be found on the composer's website at www.julianwagstaff.com.

  John Paul Jones - Original Cast Recording

A studio recording of all eighteen songs from John Paul Jones, performed by the original cast and orchestra, is available to buy on audio CD (FREED-CD01) or as an MP3 download. Click one of the graphic links below to order from Amazon (UK/USA), or just search for "The Freedom Company" on i-Tunes, Amazon or other online platforms.

THE FREEDOM COMPANY: John Paul Jones Original Cast Recording
THE FREEDOM COMPANY: John Paul Jones Original Cast Recording
Photographs and press cuttings, sound clips and production information can be found on the new John Paul Jones website at www.johnpauljonesmusical.com.

John Paul Jones - American Revolution musical by Julian Wagstaff