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The composer's website
Conductor James Lowe's website

The Alan Turing Centenary Year 2012
A comprehensive and informative site covering all of the events taking place to mark the Centenary
Comprehensive website on all things relating to opera in Scotland (including The Turing Test).

Edinburgh Studio Opera
The company which produced the first production of The Turing Test

The Alan Turing Internet Scrapbook
Part of the Alan Turing website maintained by Andrew Hodges, author of the book Alan Turing - The Enigma

Two and a Half People (web design)
Chris Francis' company, who designed this Turing Test website

The Turing Test - Verbal Behaviour as the Hallmark of Intelligence
Edited by Stuart Shieber, this book is the most comprehensive general introduction to all aspects of current debates surrounding the Turing test

John Paul Jones - a musical
Musical about the Scots-born hero of the American Revolution by Julian Wagstaff, who composed The Turing Test

Breathe Freely - a chamber opera in two short acts
Opera set during the Second World War about the Polish chemist and revolutionary Stanisław Hempel, who came to Edinburgh in 1943. Commissioned by the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry and composed by Julian Wagstaff, writer of The Turing Test