Julian Wagstaff Piano Quintet

Piano Quintet

Duration: 20 minutes

Piano, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello

Julian Wagstaff Treptow


Duration: 10 minutes

String Orchestra or String Quartet

Julian Wagstaff A Persistent Illusion (piano trio)

A Persistent Illusion

Duration: 19 minutes

Piano Trio (Clarinet, Cello and Piano)

Julian Wagstaff In Extremis (string trio)

In Extremis

Duration: 23 minutes

String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)

Julian Wagstaff Hebridean Sunset Rag

Hebridean Sunset Rag

Duration: 4 minutes

Violin & Piano OR Flute & Piano OR Flute & Guitar OR Clarinet, Cello & Piano

Julian Wagstaff Saxophone (or Clarinet) Sonata

Saxophone (or Clarinet) Sonata

Duration: 12 minutes

Alto Saxophone & Piano OR Clarinet & Piano


John Paul Jones

Duration: 90 minutes

A Musical for Small Orchestra, 9 Voices & Chorus.


The Turing Test

Duration: 60 minutes

An Opera for Small Orchestra & 6 Voices.


Breathe Freely

Duration: 40 minutes

A short opera for 3 Musicians and 3 Singers

Julian Wagstaff Symphony for Chamber Orchestra

Symphony for Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 25 minutes

Chamber Orchestra (with piano and percussion)

Julian Wagstaff Symphonic Overture from John Paul Jones

Symphonic Overture from John Paul Jones

Duration: 13 minutes

Symphony Orchestra

Julian Wagstaff Orchestral Medley from John Paul Jones

Orchestral Medley from John Paul Jones

Duration: 10 minutes

Community / Youth Orchestra